Powertrak SaaS Service Revenue Management

Billing time and expenses is a crucial function for many businesses as the world moves toward a global service-based economy. Field service specialists, professionals of all types, and customer support personnel all need to track a charge for a very precious commodity - their time! With remote workers, the cloud-based Powertrak Service Revenue Management software is needed to get time entered and into accounting quickly.

Service Revenue Management, a Powertrak SaaS solution, offers multiple work rates, chargeable and non-chargeable codes and a simple project tracking front-end to handle all types of charges and service businesses. Users easily update activity call notes and book appointments, add work rates, project attributes, expense categories and other critical dimensions within a simple administrative interface to keep system costs down.

Managers and staff can verify that all hours are accounted for and maximize both utilization and realization. This solution gives you instant visibility to make better decisions, adapt faster to changing business conditions, and execute projects more effectively.

Quick Time Tracking and Expense Entry

  • Fast time tracking and expense entry in one browser screen that shows your prior entries for instant validation, completeness and accuracy.
  • Browser-based quick entry on mobile and tablet devices like Android and iPad.
  • Add unlimited time and expense entries in one easy-to-use form to minimize screen flashing.
  • The Service Revenue Management shows you period-to-date totals and entry details to make sure that all time is accounted for and avoid duplicate entries.
  • Set up unlimited rates, types and categories to minimize billing disputes and make time entry simple.

  • In-line Editable Grid

  • New records can now be added in-line to editable grids.
  • Editable grid color-coded indicators appear on the left side of the row(s) you are affecting. A red bar means that data has been changed in that row, but hasn't been saved. A green bar means that data has been saved in that row since the last refresh.
  • Multiple new rows can be added at once and the user can modify existing rows at the same time, saving all changes with one click.

  • Flexible Rates

  • An easy-to-use administration module supports unlimited work rates, billable or non-billable categories and expense tagging.
  • Table-driven values for all work codes, rates, statuses, project attributes and categories mean that you can spend more time billing and less time on system administration.
  • Tailor the system to get familiar terms, work rates and industry-specific values to provide you with a modifiable, high-function time tracking software solution.

  • Full Realization and Utilization

  • With rapid data entry and thoughtfully categorized hours reports, managers can see who is on track to meet their budgets by projects and by person.
  • Service Revenue Management functions shows your chargeable and nonchargeable hours mix and allows easy comparison to standards.
  • Drill into actual billings to see how close you are to maximizing your revenues. The system also highlights personnel and individual project issues.
  • Service Revenue Management is web-available. You don't need to learn proprietary applications spend chargeable time in meetings to figure out where you are.

  • PRM Ready

  • Supports employees and channel partners.
  • For both inside and outside staff, access is right inside their browser 24x7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Staff training is minimal and keeps administrative costs down.
  • The thin browser-based application gets your staff and partners billing fast and saves expense-reporting headaches.
  • Everything from service logs, order status, serial number detail and knowledge bases are there for professional staff anytime and anywhere.
  • Solution Features

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    Charge for Customer Service
    Are customers out of warranty? Can your reps cross-sell and up-sell on the fly?

    Track Billable Time
    Have your reps see that a customer has a billable contract in place or is calling on chargeable tasks.

    Project Ready, Service as a Profit Center
    One-click starts a chargeable project, team enabled, resource optimized to maximize service revenue.

    Multi-channel, Portal Driven Global Service
    Built for partner-driven and mixed mode service delivery, PRM workflow and team building find the right resource every time.

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    Service Revenue Automation
    "We chose to work with Axonom because we could see that they had a complete suite of modules to manage our entire revenue cycle.

    Time and Billing management is just one aspect of our business that Powertrak has automated. Our next step is to automate our quote-to-cash cycle with Powertrak Product Configurator."

    JASON MORGAN, iPractice Group