SAAS Revenue Management

Help your organization track information about cases, customer complaints or requests, and small projects. With Powertrak SaaS SAAS Revenue Management, issues are routed to the correct support agents automatically with e-mail notification and they have the complete customer contact and product order history at their fingertips.

This solution includes multi-level case and incident management, escalation handling, product problem tracking, and cross-product defect management. Built to handle multi-channel partner/customer environments.

The product is web-based, with full support for multiple service sites and an optional self-help portal to lower your costs and improve service. Multi-channel organizations can use this module to keep their partners on top of issues within their shared customer base and improve service while lowering everyone's costs.

SAAS Revenue Management Console

  • Console for quick authorization and navigation. One-stop with Assets, Returns, Contracts Tracking.
  • Rapid classification, auto-assignment, multi-channel handling and asset-level logging in one screen.
  • Manage the entire warranty and claims process, from return merchandise authorization (RMA) to receipt and inspection.
  • Manage complex cases and handle higher call volume at lower cost.

  • Service Calendar

  • Organize, plan, and dispatch service resources to meet service demands.
  • Execute and confirm service orders as well as manage stock spare parts with mobile devices.
  • Multi-dimensional Partner, Account and Contact level incident control.
  • Show where incidents are coming from and help you allocate resources.

  • Service Scheduling

  • Global Channel Service Scheduling.
  • Manage a multichannel interaction center with a role-based interface that enforces business rules and arms agents with scripts, alerts and messages, and knowledge management features, which speeds customer service.
  • Allow agents to research and diagnose problems, handle complaints, confirm contract entitlements, address customer concerns, assist with returned materials, answer technical questions, make exchanges, and even schedule field services.

  • Self-service Portal - eService

  • Reduce returns by enabling customers to solve their problems and by proactively resolving known product defects.
  • Streamline case intake with rapid classification, auto-assignment, multi-channel handling and asset-level logging in one screen.
  • Easily browse and locate knowledge base information.
  • Both partners and customers can manage their incidents with optional support for RMA and field-service issues.
  • Solution Features

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    Customer Service Charges
    Are customers out of warranty? Can your reps cross-sell/up-sell on the fly?

    Track Billable Time
    Can your reps see that a customer has a billable contract in place or is calling on chargeable tasks?

    Project Ready, Service as a Profit Center
    One click starts a chargeable project, team enabled, resource optimized to maximize service revenue.

    Mobile, iPad, Tablet Device
    Use any major browser on any device to service customers and partners

    Multi-channel, Portal Driven Global Service
    Built for partner-driven and mixed mode service delivery, PRM workflow and team building find the right resource every time.

    Interaction Center
    Capture and use all interactions across all media sources in one system, add optional unified communications for real-time support.

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    Partner Relationship Management Capabilities
    "Powertrak delivers the partner relationship management capabilities we required to optimize lead registration and routing, partner-driven quoting, and partner opportunity management and forecasting."

    MIKE MCGUIRE, Nexsan Technologies

    Channel Partners Quoting
    "We have gone from having a fully internal quoting process to being able to engage our channel partners to do quoting. This a big advantage for us as we have customers around the world that can get quotes in minutes vs. days."

    DAVE RUELLE, Johnstech International