Scripted Lead & Loyalty Management from Single Web Portal

The Powertrak Portal hosted on NetPRM automates any interactive flow, from customer service to lead management to order taking to surveys, on internal or external websites - all from a single web portal.

Our advanced scripting offers several ways to collect answers. The built-in call-guides are easy to create and modify with the visual (graphic) drag-and-drop feature, snap-to-grid and built-in wizard flow. Call guides work with a product configurator, inbound and/or outbound scripted call center, web-based surveys and lead fulfillment.

RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) value is a methodology that gives you a quantifiable analysis of your customers purchasing behavior through a simple numeric score. For most businesses, a small percentage of your customers contribute a very large part of your sales and profit. Easily segment, rank, and score your customers using RFM scoring to track trends over time to see which customers are growing or shrinking in value.

Graphic Drag and Drop Branched Scripting

  • Guided selling with easy drag and drop interface.
  • Drag and Drop Silverlight feature with snap-to-grid and built-in wizard flow simplify guide construction and maintain integrity.
  • Rules-driven branch dynamic scripting is configurable for simple and accurate selling.
  • Visual flow control of rules show script branching and prevent logic errors.
  • The interactive guide builder shell is a filterable result palette that minimizes training.

  • Lead Fulfillment and Management

  • Route inbound leads and follow-up to inside sales to-do lists, or send them to partners via Powertrak Portal or email for quick follow-up.
  • With tagged questions, stored answers and access to complete customer and product profiles, the caller can see prior call notes and all critical facts to personalize each contact.
  • Managers get accurate real-time activity tracking and detailed reporting.
  • Instantly score and qualify your leads based on dynamic script results.
  • Supports advanced notification such as email notification while on the road.

  • Velocity Partner and Customer Scoring

  • How recently has a customer purchased?
  • How frequently does a customer purchase?
  • What is the monetary value of a customer's purchases?
  • What is a given customer's velocity (+ or -) relative to the collective base?
  • Solution Features


    Velocity Partner and Customer Scoring
    Clearly measure your relationships, know which direction they are going and invest with the best.

    Survey for Success
    Easily script customer interactions and build feedback systems with visual drag and drop ease.

    Reward Loyalty, Drive Events
    Provide membership-based rewards and manage events to incentivize customers and partners.

    All Channels, One-Stop
    Centrally target, generate and manage leads across multiple global sales channels.

    Mobile, iPad, Tablet
    Use any major browser on any device to interact in any language with built-in portals.

    Script to Streamline
    Use simple question/answer sessions to simplify and enhance any customer interaction whether by voice, internet or mobile.

    Complete Interaction Management
    Add optional lead generation, call center, IVR, email management and fulfillment modules for maximum marketing ROI.

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    Internal Quoting Process
    "Powertrak was the product we have been looking for a long time. We have used multiple system over the years and now have one that we can use long term."

    DAVE RUELLE, Johnstech International

    Partner Portal
    The Powertrak Portal provides excellent functionality for making CRM accessible externally in highly configurable ways to meet the needs of external constituents such as resellers, distributors, business partners and end customers.