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NetPRM's Equipment and Infrastructure is Ramped Up To Meet Customer Demand
July 30th, 2013

Axonom invests in NetPRM's equipment and systems to enhance security, improve performance, and provide flexibility for Powertrak customers.

The investment into NetPRM's infrastructure has led to increased storage and performance, improved reliability, but more importantly, enhanced security.

Cloud-based Powertrak Time and Billing Solution Unveiled
June 5th, 2012

Powertrak SaaS provides businesses with real-time visibility into employee time tracking and expense entry, enabling increased service margins and employee productivity.

Priced at $15/user, the Powertrak SaaS Time and Expense Professional Edition comes with full access to billing automation, smartphone accessibility, performance analytics reports, optional CRM and ERP integrations, and no charge expense receipt image uploads. Customers also have an option to try the product free for 30 days.

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